Whatever your requirements, our highly skilled and experienced staff will always be available to assist. We provide fully comprehensive solutions in plumbing, central heating, gas, electrical and drainage services. SWdesign-BUILD have fully-qualified Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating engineers on staff, and every member of our team take great pride in their work. You know your job will be in the safest of hands with us and will be completed to the highest of quality standards.Our team members are also very helpful and polite. They will be more than happy to explain what needs to be done to remedy your plumbing or heating issue and offer you some sound options to choose from. We also provide low cost power flushing services. Power flushing improves the performance of central heating systems and also increases the life of a central heating system. With SWdesign-BUILD, you know you’re only ever a phone call away from a quick solution to your plumbing problems.